About New Jammy Trio

Guitarist and songwriter Mikey Wehling has spent a while on the street.

Wehling's journeys include out-of-town gigs with the group he's famous for locally, Messy Jiverson. This autumn, he toured with multi-instrumental electronica behave Russ Liquid.

Despite being on the street in recent months, Wehling has managed to make Vandeventer, a fantastic power trio, together with drummer Mike Schurk and bassist Nate Carpenter.

After viewing Schurk round the area, Wehling requested him to play drums in his property. "He had been at a comparable mid-thirties rut," Wehling recalls. "I did not know he'd just obtained a bass out of his father after his dad had passed. Boom--it was."

The new trio is different from Wehling's final collection, The Reverbs. "It is more amazing and more jammy--maybe not at the Phish vibe but at more of a'60s vibe," Wehling states. "It is raucous. What I actually wanted to do would be some thing similar to Messy, using less computer keyboard. Showcase the guitar a bit more and retain it quite rhythmic."

Although the group was just recently formed, Vandeventer intends to start recording this month. "The game plan is to begin monitoring as soon December," he states,"and also have a record out, hopefully, from the spring"

Following the yearlong hiatus of this Reverbs, Wehling is prepared to rebrand, not as a chef leaving one well-regarded restaurant for one more. The title of this emerging team holds significance for himThe twisting Vandeventer Avenue reflects his desire to traveling bendy paths.

"It does not run forward or backwards onto a straight line," he states. "I will relate."